Urabba Street Reserve

Chairman's seat
Chairman’s Seat at Middle Urabba, Urabba Street Reserve

Urabba Street Reserve is an independent park located at 4 Urabba Street, Rankins Springs in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia.

Our mission is to promote community development and biodiversity by developing and maintain the land’s natural features.


Our purpose

East Urabba
East Urabba at Urabba Street Reserve

The vacant village lot has been set aside the purposes of community beautification and biodiversity.  Our mission is to develop and maintain the land’s natural features, such as trees, bird habitats and landscaping features, as well as to provide a spot for locals and tourists alike.


Benefits we will bring

In addition to our community beautification and biodiversity resulting from the planting of native flora and the installation of bird boxes, Urabba Street Reserve shall seek to:

  • facilitate environmental research on its property
  • promote sustainability and tourism in the Riverina region
  • inform the public about national, state and local government parks as well as other independent parks, to promote their creation and sustainable management
  • create communities based around co-operative management of the environment

Come and visit

Urabba Street Reserve is located at 4 Urabba Street in Rankins Springs, near the corner of St Kevin’s parish church on Mid Western Highway heading towards West Wyalong, less than an hour away from Griffith.

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