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Section 105 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks provides that the Parliament may repurchase membership.

Compiled text (Section 105 - Selective reduction of membership)

(1)    The Parliament may enact laws by special resolution:

(a)    to acquire membership; or
(b)    in respect of membership specifically attached to property under the rules of an association:
(i)     to approve by special resolution the acquisition of membership to which is attached to property in exchange for a charity distribution of the property; or
(ii)    if the member is also an eligible charity, approve by resolution under section 258B of the Corporations Act 2001 of the Parliament of the Commonwealth – to exchange the membership for the real property to which the membership is so attached;

subject to any such conditions as the Parliament sees fit.

(2)    No consideration shall be given by Urabba Parks for its membership except for the following, being consideration:

(a)    mandated by an Australian law or court order;
(b)    that is of no value;
(c)    to enter into a lawful agreement or undertaking with a charity or government entity not provide a particular service in a particular area, or to refer an entity seeking a particular service to another entity for an agreed length of time;
(d)    of an amount paid up or interest outstanding on service membership;
(e)    of equity instruments in a charity;
(f)    of a charity distribution of money in the Consolidated Revenue Fund appropriated by a law made under subsection (1);
(g)    of a charity distribution of property of the entity of which membership is granted that is approved by the entity.

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Legislation history
Statute or Instrument Number and year Assent Commencement Application, saving and transitional provisions
Constitution Adoption 2021 No. 1, 2021 11 Jan 2021 1 Feb 2021 (gaz 2021,p. 1)
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Relevant notes from the explanatory memorandum

268. This section provides the Parliament may make a selective reduction of membership (a purchase of membership by Urabba Parks).  Any consideration for the selective reduction must be in the form of a charity distribution, repayment of service membership or non-compete agreement with a charity or government entity.  The consideration must be approved by the Parliament, and in the case of the funds of an entity funding the selective reduction, the entity.  A member or group of members may wish to have their membership purchased for a number of reasons, including the transfer of an association to another company.  The intention of this section is to clarify the not-for-profit nature of membership interests, by ensuring that proceeds of the purchase are applied towards the charitable purposes of Urabba Parks.

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