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Section 12 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks establishes the register of places.

Compiled text (Section 12 - Register of places)

(1)    The directors or some other person appointed under law shall keep a register for each place that is a registered place or was a registered place (place) that contains:

(a)    the item number of the place;
(b)    the name or description of the place;
(c)    any former name of the place whilst the place was a registered place, and the dates the name commenced and ceased to be the name of the place;
(d)    the date of registration of the place;
(e)    the law, instrument or resolution authorising the registration of the place;
(f)    the time of:
(i)    the commencement of an occupation of the place;
(ii)    the cessation of the occupation of the place; and
(iii)    if it is found after the commencement of the registration of an entity as the occupier of a place that an entity registered as the occupier of the place was not or is no longer actually entitled to be entitled to be registered as such – the issuance of the finding; and
(g)    in regard to each occupier of the place:
(i)    the name or identifier of the occupier; and
(ii)    any further information required under law;

and the register shall be, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, taken as notice of the matters contained therein.

(2)    In the absence of evidence to the contrary, a register kept under subsection (1) is proof of the matters shown in the register under that subsection.

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Legislation history
Statute or Instrument Number and year Assent Commencement Application, saving and transitional provisions
Constitution Adoption 2021 No. 1, 2021 11 Jan 2021 1 Feb 2021 (gaz 2021,p. 1)
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Relevant notes from the explanatory memorandum

88. Subsection (1) provides that a register of places must be kept by the directors or some other person appointed under law, and subsection (2) provides for the evidentiary value of the registers.  Having a register of places is essential to Urabba Parks meeting its legal obligations (such as maintaining personnel and member records) and for the preparation of historical records (such as parliamentary handbooks).

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