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Section 25 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks provides each membership of the House of Ordinaries consists of one place, effectively prohibiting the appointment of alternate members. It also provides that persons who are members of the House before its dissolution or expiry are still taken to hold their parliamentary membership until the return of writs of the general election, unless elected. This allows persons who were members to continue as directors whilst the House is technically not constituted.

Compiled text (Section 25 - Provisions as to appointment of members)

Position of members whilst House is dissolved or expired

A person who is a member immediately before a dissolution or determination of the House:

(a)    remains entitled to occupy the place of a member after the dissolution or determination, unless the member has consented to the displacement of this paragraph; and
(b)    ceases to be so entitled:
(i)    if the person ceases to be a legislative director (other than by virtue of ceasing to hold a representative place);
(ii)    at the start of the last day votes may be cast at the general election following the dissolution or lawful determination (the general election), unless the person is a candidate in the general election;
(iii)    when writs for the election of members are returned to the Manager‑General at the general election, unless the person is chosen as a member in the general election.

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Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited Constitution Statute 2021 No. 1, 2021 5 Mar 2021 5 Mar 2021 (gaz 2021,p. 1)
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120. This section intends to clarify the position of members upon dissolution or lawful determination (expiry) of the House – members remain legislative directors until the following general election.

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